Bringing Back Memories

The major multinational military exercise currently taking place in Scotland is being watched with interest by many. In particular our Veterans are delighted at being kept up to date with sightings of warships and aircraft being spotted and photographed by supporters.
Royal Navy Veteran Robert (97), a Veteran of the Arctic Convoys and D-Day, said the images of the warships on the Clyde reminded him of his seafaring days.
CEO Ian Cumming commented: ‘Part of this massive exercise is right on our door step as the Erskine Veterans Village overlooks the Clyde. Our Veterans are showing a keen interest in Joint Warrior, which I believe, is one of the largest military exercises of its kind in Europe. Several of the warships have been spotted on the Clyde and our Veterans have been delighted to see the fantastic pictures sent to us by supporters. Thank you to all who have taken the time to send images to Erskine, they have brightened up the day of many, in what continues to be a challenging time.”
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