Erskine Employs An Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Veterans’ charity Erskine has employed their first Advanced Nurse Practitioner.

Jennifer Boyd from Renfrew took up post on 1st February and will work between The Erskine Home and Erskine Park Home where 220 residents reside. NHS Ayrshire and Arran are offering their support with the new role by supervising Jennifer.

An Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) is an experienced and highly educated Registered Nurse who manages the complete clinical care of the person, not solely any specific condition. Advanced practice is a level of practice, rather than a type or speciality of practice.

ANPs are educated at Masters Level in advanced practice and are assessed as clinically competent at this level. As a clinical leader they have the freedom and authority to act and accept the responsibility and accountability for those actions. This level of practice is characterised by high level autonomous decision making, including assessment, diagnosis, treatment including prescribing, of patients with complex multi-dimensional problems. Decisions are made using high level expert, knowledge and skills. This includes the authority to refer, admit and discharge within appropriate clinical areas.

Talking about the new post Erskine Director of Care, Derek Barron said: “Employing an ANP offers us an exciting opportunity to make a positive difference to the lives of our residents by quicker intervention when they become unwell, or if their condition changes suddenly.

‘Instead of phoning a Doctor, our nurses will first phone Jennifer who will assess the resident and can administer medication if required. The level of clinical intervention therefore goes up meaning less hospital admissions.

‘Erskine is home for our residents and if we can keep them at home with us rather than being admitted to hospital this is better for both the resident and their family.”

Jennifer said: “I am delighted to take up this new, innovative post within Erskine, working with colleagues in NHS Ayrshire & Arran and the local Bishopton GP practice to develop the role and expertise over the coming years. The benefits the post will offer will only improve the excellent care we take pride in providing here at Erskine. This is an excellent opportunity for me and one that I am honoured to be a part of.”

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