We’ve undertaken a £7 million rebuilding programme to create 44 one, two and three bedroom cottages to accommodate veterans and their families.

Cottages for veterans and their families have been a feature of the Erskine estate for many years. Over the past few years, we have undertaken an extensive £7 million rebuilding programme.

The old cottages served us well but having reached the end of their serviceable life. Erskine committed to replacing them with a mixed development of single storey houses, built to state of the art amenity and energy conservation standards.

The new houses are built in a number of different sizes to accommodate our current tenant family mix. They have in-built flexibility for future amendments if the needs of our tenants changes in the future.

The first new cottages were completed in late 2009 with the final phases being completed in March 2013.  We now have 44 one, two and three bedroom cottages built to the highest standards – and in accordance with the principles of Housing for Varying Needs.

A Commitment to the Future at Erskine

This project demonstrates our commitment to provide quality housing to veterans. As our Service personnel display the highest levels of bravery and courage throughout the world, it is only right that we, as a military charity, are able to provide quality accommodation should they need us in the future.

Applying for an Erskine Cottage

Admission to Erskine cottages is open to those who fulfill one of the requirements below:

  • You served as a member of one of HM Armed Forces as a Regular or Reservist or on National Service or were:
  • A member of the Merchant Marine and were deployed on active service
  • A member of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary
  • A member of the Home Guard

If you want to apply for cottage accommodation at Erskine, you can do this by phoning Erskine direct or through Veterans Scotland .