A Poem by Barney Roberts

This wonderful poem was written by Activity Centre participant and WWII Navy Veteran.

There is a happy place not far away,

Where they care for veterans every day,

Erskine Macewen Activities is paradise for vets like me.

The staff are just like family

Supervised by the charming Debbie.

Transport collects around 9am

You’ll arrive just after ten

Behind the desk is the engaging Adele

And other vets signing in as well

Coffee and tea is laid out in style

Time to chat with friends for a while

Evonne will come and say

Who is entertaining us today

Could be a musician and his singing partner

Or a guy who thinks he’s Frank Sinatra

Even banjo playing old duffers

Think they’re called the Partick Pluckers

And for those who think they’re able

There’s a game of pool at the table.

Outside in the pleasant scenery

You can practice archery

I thought I was Will Scarlet

I aimed the arrow at the target

Or even William Tell instead

And shoot an apple off Albert’s head

Evonne shouted put down your bow

There are certain rules for you to know

They’re designed to keep you safe

So you don’t accidentally shoot your mate.