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Arasgain Whisky


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Product Description

Arasgain (Gaelic for ‘Erskine’) was distilled at Bunnahabhain Distillery and matured in a single ex-sherry hogshead cask. This limited edition whisky marks Erskine’s ‘Century of Care’ for veterans in Scotland.

This celebratory 10 year old Islay Bunnahabhain whisky is rich golden caramel in colour, with Highland toffee, freshly baked tarte tatin, a light chocolate sponge cake, cold coffee grounds and citrusy notes of blood orange and pink grapefruit. Whisky lovers will enjoy a mouthfilling texture of macadamia nuts and milk chocolate, with salty rockpools and a warm, peppery finish.

Single cask, hand signed and numbered with a production run of only 289 bottles.