Fundraising Campaigns

Your support is vital in raising the funds needed to care for veterans.  Each year we have to raise almost £9 million to provide the high standard of care our brave veterans so richly deserve. This means we need to raise £171,000 each week and that’s why we send out appeal letters, carry out telephone and door-to-door fundraising, as well as other fundraising methods.

Your donations help to pay for all sorts of aspects of care at Erskine, including:

  • Physiotherapy equipment including walking aids and group exercise class equipment
  • Dementia care items such as sensory or reminiscence materials
  • Treatment mattresses which reduce pressure ulcers and provide pain relief
  • Speech and language therapy treatments
  • Specially adapted cutlery that allow residents to eat independently
  • Outings or special visits such as a concert in the recreation room
  • Recreation equipment such as games materials


With your support, we can provide a dedicated physiotherapy team who cover all four of our homes. The team provide:

  • Around 240 hours of specialist physiotherapy treatments per week
  • Around 750 treatments per month
  • Approx. 12,480 hours of physiotherapy per year

This goes a long way to ensuring our veterans stay mobile, keep healthy and active.


Each home has a dedicated team of recreation staff.  Activities are provided seven days a week and there is plenty of choice.  Recreation is one of the most important aspects of Erskine because it’s the social hub. It’s where many friendships are made and where dreams can be fulfilled.  For so many, coming to Erskine offers a new lease of life where nobody is alone.

Somme Anniversary Appeal – For treatment mattresses

Recently we needed to raise £78,900 to purchase 263 treatment mattresses for veterans in all four of our homes across Scotland. Our aim was to ensure all residents are equipped with treatment mattresses which would make a significant difference to the comfort and quality of their lives.  Many veterans admitted to our care have more complex needs than ever before; their reduced mobility means they cannot manoeuvre themselves easily. This makes them highly susceptible to pressure ulcers, particularly when in bed, causing great pain and distress which leads to disturbed sleep. They are designed to reduce pressure and allow patients to sit up more easily. The appeal also commemorated 100 years since the first day of the Battle of the Somme.

With your help we did it

Thank you very much to everyone who donated towards this important appeal and for helping us to purchase the mattresses. The difference you have made in our veterans lives is tremendous. The mattresses will provide lasting comfort and dramatically improve the quality of life of veterans.

Treatment mattresses benefit veterans by:

  • Reduced incidences of pressure ulcers
  • Improved comfort
  • Improved pain management
  • Increased engagement
  • Promotes patient dignity

Glasgow Home Recreation Room Build

In 2015 we sent out an appeal to raise £30,000 to complete the building of a brand new recreation room at our Glasgow Home. For years the Glasgow residents have sorely needed a space for social activities and group exercise classes. Our Glasgow Home caters for 46 veterans and is based at Anniesland in Glasgow.

Thank you to everyone who donated and helped us build this long-awaited recreation space. Our veterans are now able to enjoy regular group activities in their recreation room and it’s really making a difference to their daily lives.

Erskine Memorial Garden

This year to celebrate reaching 100 years of caring for veterans at Erskine, we decided to create a memorial garden as a peaceful space for reflection. We needed to raise £30,000 to complete the garden. Work has begun on the garden and we’ve started putting up memorial plaques too. The garden has been a wonderful addition to the Erskine estate and is a fitting place to remember veterans who sacrificed so much for their country.  The Centenary Garden will be complete in Spring 2017.

Thank you to everyone who donated towards the garden appeal.

If you’d like to know more about how donations make a difference for veterans, contact the fundraising team on 0141 814 4657 or email

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