Leaving a Legacy FAQ’s

Do I really need to write a Will?

Everyone should have a Will.

If you don’t leave a Will, the law decides how your estate is distributed and this might not be in line with your wishes.

Above all else though, at a time when your loved ones are grieving, by having a Will the stress of sorting out your estate is minimised and your wishes are known. It can also be a lengthy and expensive process if you don’t have a Will.

I don’t have a solicitor and have no idea where to start

Don’t worry; it really isn’t as scary as it first sounds to make a Will. You can contact McClure Solicitors who offer a free Will service in exchange for a donation to charity. They will guide you through the process, and it really is very straightforward.

Do I need a solicitor to write a Will?

We recommend you consult with a solicitor to make sure the Will is legally valid. The costs associated with making a Will vary from firm to firm, but you can get a free Will writing service through Erskine. All we ask if that you consider leaving a donation.

What about my family?

We always want you to take care of your family first, but once they are taken care of you may choose to leave a gift to Erskine. Any gift, large or small, is just as special and important as any other and we would be eternally grateful for anything you choose to leave to Erskine.

Do I have to tell you I have left a gift in my Will?

Your Will is your own private document; we would never push to know what it contains. However, if you did decide to tell us then we would treat that with the upmost confidentiality and discretion. By telling us of your plans, it would give us the opportunity to thank you for your kindness while you are here to see our work. We can also include you in our mailings and invite you to our special legacy events.

What information do I need when making my Will?

All you need is our name, address and charity number which is:

Erskine, Bishopton, Renfrewshire, PA7 5PU

Scottish Charity number: SC006609

Are there tax benefits if I leave a gift in my Will?

Inheritance Tax is currently paid to the UK government at a rate of 40% if you estate is worth more than £325,000. However, if you choose to leave 10% or more to charity that rate could be reduced to 36%.

Most gifts left to Erskine are exempt from inheritance tax. Your solicitor, financial advisor or HMRC would be able to advise you.

What is a codicil?

A codicil is an amendment to you existing Will; if you already have a Will and would like to change it to include Erskine all you need to do is add a codicil. Speak to you solicitor and it should be easily added.

Remember that after a significant life event (marriage, birth of a child, bereavement etc), you may wish to sit down with your solicitor and review your Will to make sure it is still as you want it.