Erskine Vision

A Scotland where Veterans and their families thrive.

Erskine Mission

To offer Veterans their best possible future - through the best possible care & community support.

Erskine Ethos

Futures for The Brave



  • We encourage communication and an honest, open culture.

  • We share communications and work to one common goal

  • We actively engage with all stakeholders to better understand and meet their needs

  • We encourage everyone to confidently and openly express their views

  • We demonstrate empathy with each other and the situations we face


  • We take responsibility for the way we behave and are accountable for the work we do.

  • We take responsibility for our decisions, actions and behaviours

  • We demonstrate that we care about others and our work environment

  • We recognise that mistakes do happen and we positively support each other to learn through reflection and feedback

  • We work as a team to ensure the highest possible standards of service


  • We respect ourselves and those around us.

  • We respect our residents’ dignity, privacy and independence

  • We treat people in the way we would like to be treated ourselves

  • We are always kind, courteous and honest

  • We appreciate and understand each other’s contribution


  • We will empower our staff to use their knowledge and expertise to, in-turn, empower those for whom we offer care and support.

  • We will strive to deliver affordable excellence in our services, on a day to day basis.

  • We will continue to develop our knowledge and approaches to providing care and support, within our means