Erskine Vision

A Scotland where Veterans and their families thrive.

Erskine Mission

To offer Veterans their best possible future - through the best possible care & community support.

Erskine Ethos

Futures for The Brave



We communicate internally and externally, in a transparent, open manner that supports understanding and dialogue.


We take appropriate accountability for our individual and collective actions and decisions. We aim to reduce unwarranted variation in care and support provided. We aim for beneficiaries to experience the same compassionate, person-centred care, irrespective of which members of the team are on duty.


We respect our beneficiaries and those who visit our Homes and  services. We respect each other as  colleagues. We respect the beneficiaries’ right to choose and will support them with making choices.


Those who receive our care and support will feel empowered to make choices. We will provide accessible, transparent information to our beneficiaries about their rights and what they mean for their day to day lives. We will value, support, act upon and learn from what our beneficiaries say. We will ensure that our beneficiaries have their voices heard. We will support colleagues to feel empowered to use their knowledge and expertise in the delivery of person-centred care and support.

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