This project is to support Service leavers and Veterans whose life or transition plans have been disrupted. The accommodation is offered with wraparound support so that Veterans have a mutual support base in which to reflect, re-orientate and retrain before relocating to the region and employment of their choice – giving back to their community in the way we know they can.

For transitioning Veterans living in the David Boyle Court, who need help to begin the next chapter of their lives, Erskine offers social, recreation and training facilities at the Erskine Reid Macewen Activity Centre (ERMAC).  They will also be offered a bespoke personal support package tailored to suit their needs to help them move onto full-time employment and long-term suitable accommodation.


This supported accommodation aims to provide a transition into long term housing and employment for:

  • Service-leavers transferring from the military to civvy street
  • Veterans who have encountered difficulties after leaving the military
  • Veterans who may be going through another transitional period of their post service life.
  • Serving or served as a member of one of HM Armed Forces as a Regular or Reservist

Proof of eligibility will be required on application.

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