1. The Erskine Home

The Erskine Home opened in 2000. This purpose built home replaced the original hospital building and provides care for around 180 people who have nursing needs and people living with dementia, offering them long term residential care. Residents can access a range of support services and activities, including physiotherapy, hairdressers and Harry’s Café.

The Erskine Home, Bishopton Estate

2. Assisted Living

Assisted Living Apartments provide accommodation and services to elderly or disabled Veterans and/or
their spouse, enabling them to live in their own home for as long as possible. Services such as housekeeping, laundry and provision of meals are available to help, as well as access to the Activities Centre.

Erskine Veterans Village- Assisted Living

3. The Kennels and Cottage

The Kennels and Cottage buildings belonged to the original Erskine House. They were used to house the estate’s hounds and kennel master back in the day. The buildings have had several uses over the years, including as offices for staff, and remain a feature of the estate today.

4. The Old Garden Centre

Originally this building facilitated occupational therapy and kept patients active, aiding their rehabilitation. Eventually it progressed into a small garden centre before moving to the new facility at the entrance of the estate.

The Old Garden Centre

5. Scotland's Bravest Manufacturing Company

Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Company provides employment and development opportunities for Veterans
and others with disabilities who may need support adjusting to life after service. The social enterprise enables individuals to move forward in a supportive, professional workplace, delivering high quality products and services.

6. The Piggery

The old piggery building is Scotland’s oldest piggery. It belonged to the old Erskine House, and remains a feature on the estate today.
The piggery building and old stable block, now Erskine Reid Macewen Activities Centre (ERMAC), were restored and are listed buildings.

The Piggery

7. Erskine Reid Macewen Activity Centre

Located within the historic stable building, ERMAC aims to enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of Veterans in the community.
The activity centre provides Veterans and their spouses with the opportunity to meet people who have shared experiences, learn new skills, explore a number of interests and access support services.

Erskine Reid Macewen Activities Centre

8. Erskine Transitional Supported Accommodation (ETSA)

Apartments at David Boyle Court support Veterans who have encountered difficulties in transition to civilian life. The accommodation offers a safe place to live for up to two years, where Veterans can learn job skills, access support services, enjoy the activity centre, and meet fellow Veterans.


9. Woodland Trail

Thanks to funding and donations from supporters the
woodland trail was built in 2017. The path and cycle track
meanders through the grounds and allows Veterans to safely
exercise in the beautiful, natural woodland that surrounds
the home offering a calm and peaceful environment.
Specialist bikes allow every resident to enjoy the pleasure
and freedom of cycling.

Woodland Walk

10. Cottages

Cottages for Veterans have been a feature of the Erskine Estate for many years. There are 44 one, two and three bedroom cottages providing ideal accommodation for Veterans and their families. The cottages can be specially adapted to give Veterans as much independence as possible.

12. Dementia Training Suite

The Erskine Dementia Training Suite allows staff to
undertake specialist training and experience what it feels like to have the impaired abilities associated with dementia.
This enables them to fully understand whilst delivering
sector leading care.

13. Shadow of the Brave

The memorial sundial was created as a place of reflection for Veterans, their families and friends. The shadow created by the Falklands kneeling soldier sweeps across 255 dots from sunrise to sunset, to commemorate every fallen British military personnel of the Falklands War.

Shadow of the Brave

14. Garden of Reflection

Created for Erskine’s Centenary year in 2016, the garden offers a peaceful environment for remembrance and reflection. It brings together three memorial sites; ‘The Regimental Walls of Scotland’, ‘Japanese Prisoners of War memorial’ and ‘The Lost Gardeners of The Great War’ and gives families a place to honour their loved ones.

15. Erskine Centenary Garden

Established in 2016, the Erskine Centenary Garden was developed thanks to the generous donations of several funders. A beautiful walkway meanders through trees, shrubs and woodland offering Veterans and families a place for walks and quiet contemplation whilst they reflect at each of the various memorials and features.