RSM James Piggot Memorial Cairn

This cairn is dedicated to the memory of RSM James Piggot BEM, MID who served for the 170 Provost Company of the Royal Military Police.  

Garden of Remembrance Plaques

Erskine opened its doors in 1916 to care for those returning from the horrors of the First World War and in our Centenary year, we wished to create a garden in remembrance of those who lost their lives in both world wars and subsequent conflicts. The wall mounted plaque areas were created as a space to remember the Veterans we have cared for; and to enable families and our generous supporters to honour their loved ones too. Anyone is able to create a Memorial Plaque for their loved one in the Erskine Centenary Garden, whether they have Served or not, these plaques are a lovely way to honour them.

The Lost Gardeners of the Great Wall

The Lost Gardeners of the Great War Garden was kindly donated by the West of Scotland Dry Stone Walling Association in 2014. Having won the People’s Choice Award for Best Show Garden at Gardening Scotland, the garden was transported to the Erskine Veterans Village and rebuilt for the Veterans and their families to enjoy.  

Showcasing the skills of the Dry Stone Walling Association, the poignant garden depicts the corner of a walled garden abandoned by a young gardener as he goes off to fight in World War 1. We see the door through which he left his tools abandoned and the flower beds he left behind. A scythe lies ominously beside the red door but the wild flowers and poppies which have invaded the garden bring new life and hope. Built to commemorate the centenary of the First World War, the dates  “1914 – 1918” are engraved on the wooden lintel above the door. 

The Erskine Memorial Garden – The Lost Gardeners of the Great War – was opened by British actors Juliet Mills and Maxwell Caulfield - aided by the Royal Regiment of Scotland’s pony, Cruachan. 

Somme Appeal

The Battle of the Somme was marked as the bloodiest day in the history of the British Army when thousands of stretchers were needed to remove casualties from the battlefield.  To mark the 100th Anniversary of the Somme in 2016, Erskine supporters rallied to support Erskine by donating to our appeal for pressure and pain relieving mattresses. 

As a sign of appreciation, every person who made a donation to the appeal had their name added to the specially constructed Somme Centenary Appeal wall in the Centenary Garden at the Erskine Home. 

Moon Gate and Garden of Reflection

A centre point of the Centenary Garden, The Garden of Reflection is the perfect place to stop off when walking round the beautiful Erskine Veterans Village, taking time to reflect and remember loved ones. The Garden of Reflection and Moon Gate are beautifully located amongst the trees where you can find peace and enjoy nature.  

Shadow of the Brave

The Shadow of the Brave memorial sundial was unveiled in 2022 and honours the 255 British military personnel who gave their lives during the Falklands War (2nd April – 14th June 1982). 

Created as a place of remembrance and reflection for our brave Veterans, their families and friends to enjoy the grounds and watch the time pass. The gnomon of the sundial is a kneeling Falklands soldier who is paying their respects to their fallen comrades. The dial is marked from 6am in the morning until 6pm in the evening. The sundial is set to tell the time in the Falkland Islands. In-between every hour is a series of dots totalling 255 to commemorate every fallen British military personnel of the Falklands War.  

The shadow created by the kneeling soldier sweeps across the dots every single day from sunrise to sunset. Around the outside of the dial is the poignant quote: ‘At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.’ 

Regimental Walls of Scotland

The Thistle, once again donated by the West of Scotland Dry Stone Walling Association after exhibiting at Gardening Scotland, is made out of a variety of stones to represent the different Scottish Regiments. Galloway boulders for the Royal Scots Borderers, Skye Marble for the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, Granite for the Highlanders, Sandstone for the Black Watch and Whinstone for the Royal Highland Fusiliers. The rocks together make a beautiful combination forming a Scottish Thistle. 

Japanese Prisoner of War Memorial

Currently the only Scottish memorial dedicated to those who died fighting in Japan or as a result of captivity in Japanese Prison Camps. This memorial sits under a beautiful cherry blossom tree.  

Erskine Centenary Wall

The impressive Centenary Wall welcomes visitors as they arrive at the Erskine Veterans Village.  Donated by the West of Scotland Dry Stone Walling Association.  

Each year, a show garden is built at the Gardening Scotland Show and during Erskine’s Centenary year a garden was designed to celebrate Erskine’s achievements and the care we provide to our Veterans. The wall includes the Erskine Centenary logo and two stone trees which reflect the willow trees used in the pioneering work carried out developing prosthetic limbs during the war.  

Erskine 2000 Appeal Cairn

The Erskine 2000 Appeal Cairn sits at the roundabout before the main Home in celebration of the opening of the New Erskine Home.  Originally based in the old Mar Hall building, Erskine Veterans Charity located to the new purpose-built with money raised from the 2000 Appeal. HRH Prince Charles unveiled the cairn on the occasion of his visit to the home as Patron in September 1998. 

Caged Spitfire

This caged metal spitfire sits proudly in the centre of the roundabout within the Erskine Veterans Village.  This striking spitfire was made by residents of HMP Barlinnie and donated to Erskine by Cawdor Golf Club. 

David's Bench

David’s Bench was kindly donated by Susan Forrest.  The bench was dedicated to the memory of resident David Whittick, an ex-RAF pilot who loved to sit in the sunshine at the front of The Home and watch the planes overhead. David’s bench is inscribed “In loving memory of Veterans lost in the pandemic 2020.