Behind this door lies an exciting new facility at Erskine!

Behind this door lies an exciting new facility at Erskine!

One of the cottages on the Erskine estate in Bishopton has been set up as a training area for simulation dementia training. Dementia Nurse Consultant Janice McAlister (pictured outside the cottage) trains both care and non-direct care staff at informed; skilled; enhanced & expert level, using the government’s Promoting Excellence Framework. The interactive training includes a virtual dementia tour in rooms within the cottage, which are set up like a home environment. Janice asks participants to perform everyday tasks while wearing an age simulation suit. The training, through this experiential learning, will increase staff’s knowledge; understanding; skills and confidence to care for residents living with dementia. As around 50% of residents receiving nursing care at Erskine also have some form of dementia, the training facility is a fantastic new asset for staff. Having skilled and knowledgeable staff will mean the quality of care we provide to our residents is improved.

The Dementia Nurse Consultant is a new role within Erskine and has been generously supported by grants from both the Scottish Veterans Fund and the Armed Forces Covenant Fund. Money donated from the Kilpatrick Fraser Charitable Trust paid for the age simulation suits.

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