COVID-19 Precautions

As a precautionary measure to protect all Erskine residents and in line with Scottish Government advice regarding coronavirus (COVID-19), visits to all Erskine Care Homes are restricted to essential visits only.  Please do not visit an Erskine Care Home.

Family members of all Erskine residents have been contacted personally to communicate this important message and we thank everyone for their understanding and support.

It would be our strong preference that flowers were not sent to any of our Homes. There are two main risk related to this 1) most flowers come in a cellophane wrapper which has the potential to retain the COVID-19 virus, in that it is a ‘hard’ surface and we know the virus can survive on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours. We realise this is a theoretical risk, however as we all have the well-being our residents/relatives at the heart of what we do we think it is a risk best avoided. The second major risk is that we have asked people not to visit the Home, again to reduce the risk to our residents. We’d we had a number of delivery drivers arriving at our doors we have again introduced another unnecessary risk in that we have no idea where the driver may have visited before coming to one of our Homes. We would also encourage you to keep mail down to a minimum by not sending cards and letters. We will support digital interaction with our residents as much as possible.


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4 responses to “COVID-19 Precautions

    1. Hi Douglas, yes, all visits other than essential visits have been discontinued for the time being. We will update when the situation changes. Thank you.

  1. A short note of support and apprecation to not only the staff at Dorchester Ave but to all the staff for their dedication and commitment during this challenging time.

  2. Hello, I think your staff are doing a fantastic job looking after the residents – and perhaps may not fully get the credit they deserve during this pandemic.
    However, can you please advise of what precautions are taken to ensure that your existing residents (as staff!) are protected as far as possible? This is specifically in regards to any new residents coming into care – are they tested and verified negative before being admitted?

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