Challenge D-Day 80

Can you mark D-Day 80? There are a whole host of ways to raise money and honour Veterans on this special anniversary. We can help your fundraising efforts with a range of D-Day 80 materials. Here are just a few ideas: 

  • Take on a challenge where you can walk/run/swim 80 miles in June to raise £80
  • Host an afternoon tea
  • Organise a collection
  • Go on a sponsored walk
  • Organise a non uniform day

By signing up, you will receive your free Erskine D-Day t-shirt. 

Albert's Story

D-Day is very difficult to talk about. It wasn’t very nice – you could say that. We could see all the men trying to get ashore, not knowing what was waiting for them. All we could do was watch, hoping to defend as many of them as we possibly could. We understood the importance of what we were doing and why we had to do it. But it didn’t make it any better.