Dementia Awareness Week 2021

This week we mark Dementia Awareness Week 2021. 

Erskine has been caring for Veterans for over a century and continuing to improve and develop our care,  is, and always will be, our utmost priority.

Many of our residents, who are all veterans or spouses of veterans, average 83 years old, have greater and more complex needs than ever before.  Our Dementia Nurse Consultant provides training and support to our staff thereby increasing their knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence to care for residents living with dementia.  Care staff will have improved skills to better recognise signs of stress and distress and to identify the best course of action to support each individual resident.

Director of Care Derek Barron said: ‘It is important for us to stop and recognise the importance of dementia awareness week; it is a time for us to think about those in our care, those perhaps in our families and those in our wider communities who are living with dementia.  It is an absolute focus for us here at Erskine to ensure our resident, who may have a dementia or cognitive impairment, live well with their condition, to maximise their choice and wellbeing in their daily activities here with us.  We are fortunate that through the wonderful support we receive here at Erskine that we are able to develop the knowledge and skills of our staff to provide the high quality of care that we do.

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