Dickie celebrates 100 years!

Today Erskine Edinburgh has a very special birthday to celebrate. Resident Richard “Dickie” Ewart, has reached the fantastic age of 100 years old.

Dickie, a Veteran Royal Air Force Flight Lieutenant, was delighted to show off his birthday message from Her Majesty The Queen whilst enjoying a glass of champagne with his two daughters. Dickie’s birthday wishes were for a James Bond 007 themed cake and a roast dinner. Erskine staff worked their magic, with help from the local

Morrisons to ensure Dickie wasn’t disappointed with his cake, or the miniature replicas of the famous
James Bond 007 cars. On the menu this evening will, of course, be an extra special roast dinner.

Dickie says his secret to a long life is all down to taking it easy and going with the flow! Erskine CEO Ian Cumming said: “It strikes me that Dickie’s longevity and vitality must be down to the same “build quality & craftsmanship” that

Aston Martin, Hurricanes and Spitfires are renowned for. Happy 100th birthday Dickie!” Home Manager Alison Payne said: “Everyone at the Erskine Edinburgh Home is very excited to share in Dickie’s special day today, it’s not often we get to celebrate 100 years young with one of our much loved residents”.
Thank you to everyone who made Dickie’s special day a truly memorable one.
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