ERMAC Wins National Award

Erskine Reid Macewen Activity Centre has received a national award from Age Scotland for its popular and innovative exercise programme for older Veterans. The Challenge for Older Veterans to Exercise Regularly Together programme (COVERT) encouraged Veterans to take part in a wide variety of activities to improve health and wellbeing.
Since lockdown, the group has been keeping in touch and engaging in online activities over Zoom. They plan to use the Age Scotland COVERT prize to buy equipment for indoor sports, including bowling, so they can exercise whatever the weather.
CEO Ian Cumming said: “In the military, a good bit of “phyz” is part of weekly routine. When people leave the services, a new career, family commitments and health issues can all get in the way of regular exercise and all the benefits it brings. This is also often the case for Veterans who have become more isolated from their communities in their later years. I am very proud of this award which recognises all the work that the ERMAC team have done to place “phyz” on the menu of wide-ranging and meaningful activities, which our Veterans members enjoy on a weekly basis.”
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