Erskine Hosts launch of Defence Transition Services in Scotland

The Veterans’ charity Erskine was today honoured to host the launch of MOD’s Defence Transition Services in Scotland at the innovative Erskine Reid Macewen Activity Centre in Bishopton.

Defence Transition Services is one of four regional teams formed following the introduction and launch, in 2019, of the MOD’s Defence Holistic Transition Policy.

With the Scotland and Northern Irish team based in Glasgow, the service will provide a full range of transition support for those Service Leavers and their families requiring extra assistance, as they return to civilian life. The Service will work alongside Tri-Service colleagues to support those identified as potentially vulnerable Service Leavers. DTS caseworkers will offer professional help, guidance and support to encourage those leaving military life to plan early and leave well.

Through working very closely with the Veterans Welfare Service (VWS) and a host of statutory and charity organisations, such as Erskine, the DTS is confident that Service Leavers in the Scottish Region will benefit immensely from the enhanced support available.

Kate McCullough, the Officer in Charge and national lead for DTS: “DTS operates throughout the UK with four regional teams, one of which is based in Glasgow and has been working extremely hard to understand the Service leaver landscape in Scotland. By utilising this network and knowledge of local service providers we stand ready to offer the help and support that our potentially most vulnerable Service Leavers and their families may need. We are delighted to be working with Erskine to deliver this DTS event in Scotland and are very grateful for their support and will no doubt continue to work in partnership, going forward”.

Erskine Chief Executive Ian Cumming said: “Since its founding as a Veterans Hospital in 1916, Erskine has offered training, meaningful employment and accommodation to aid the recovery, recuperation and reintegration of Veterans returning from operational service. We are now perhaps better known for our nursing homes, which deliver residential, dementia and end-of-life care for Veterans. However, we have gained fresh insights into the challenges faced by Service Leavers, via our tenants at the Army Personnel Recovery Centre, within the grounds of the Erskine Edinburgh Home. Our response has been 24 Transitional Supported Apartments (TSA). These will provide safe space and peer-support from where younger Veterans can access Erskine’s wrap-around mentoring, training and networking scheme in partnership with local businesses, academia and government. DTS is one of our key partners and we have enjoyed exciting collaboration with them, to help young Veterans prepare for the next chapter of their lives. We encourage any organisation interested in helping us to help Veterans, through this scheme, to get in touch.

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