Erskine Park Home is Rated Excellent!

Managers and staff at Erskine Park Home in Bishopton are delighted to have received two Grade 6’s this week from The Care Inspectorate.


The Care Inspectorate conducted a detailed audit against Scottish National Care Standards on two key themes: How well we support people’s wellbeing and how well our care planning reflects people’s needs and wishes.


They assessed the care given as achieving the highest levels of support for residents’ wellbeing, their needs and wishes awarding the highest possible mark of Grade 6’s – excellent – in both categories.  The grades recognise the “outstanding and sector-leading” care delivered to the residents of Erskine Park, all of whom are living with dementia.


The Care Inspectorate was particularly impressed by the compassionate, thoughtful and innovative care being delivered, by professionals who clearly knew their residents as people. They made specific comment on how Erskine uses technology based systems to support care delivery and getting to know residents’ likes and dislikes.


Erskine Director of Care Derek Barron said: “I am tremendously proud of Lesley, the Home Manager, and the whole Erskine Park team. This is wonderful recognition of their unstinting work caring for our veterans and never being afraid to innovate and change if it makes life better for our residents.  What was clear from the inspector’s feedback was that there is a truly person-centred culture including everyone working in the home and our use of technology to support us in delivering resident-centred care.  I’d like to say thank you to every member of the various teams that make up the care provided at Erskine.”


Erskine Chief Executive Ian Cumming MBE said: “Since its 1916 inception in the Great War, Erskine has been recognised as a centre of excellence and innovation in how it cares for Scotland’s veterans.  Erskine Park Home now joins The Erskine Home in holding ratings of excellent.  This wonderful recognition, should reassure the public and our donors that their generous and ongoing charitable support to Erskine, is making a very real difference to our veterans’ lives at the most crucial time. Personally, and on behalf of the Chairman and his Trustees, I’d like to offer warm thanks and congratulations not only to Lesley, but also to Derek and every member of the staff and volunteer teams who support and deliver Erskine’s unique care provision.”

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