Erskine President Award Winners Announced

On 15th March 2017, Erskine staff and volunteers who have gone the extra mile to benefit the veterans’ charity were presented with Presidents Awards.


Creativity and Innovation – Billy Johnstone – Activities Assistant – The Erskine Home

This is awarded to the individual who has introduced original idea(s)/action(s) which have led to greater efficiency and improved services for residents, relatives, families, staff and departments within Erskine.

Since joining Erskine in July 2016 within the Activities Department, Billy has made a big impact on the residents by introducing a number of new activities which residents and relatives have commented on and really enjoy, in particular the introduction of painting as an activity.


Extra Mile – Individual Winner – George McKeefery – Housekeeper – The Erskine Home

This is awarded to the individual, whose work has led to an improvement in the quality or efficiency of any activity or service which has been to the benefit of Erskine, our residents or stakeholders.


Over and above his normal duties George will assist the care staff with breakfast by assisting a particular resident who often requires a helping hand eating his toast and coffee safely. He also goes round with the tea trolley mid-morning when the care staff are busy to ensure all residents receive their morning coffee, overall delivering lovely person centred care to our residents.

Extra Mile – Team Award Winners – Janet Leith (Head Physiotherapist), Craig Berry (Activities Co-ordinator) & Pauline Evans (Trust and Foundations Fundraiser)

This is awarded to the team, whose work has led to an improvement in the quality or efficiency of any activity or service which has been to the benefit of Erskine, our residents or stakeholders.


Janet, Craig and Pauline are from different departments, and have worked together to organise the Sporting Senior Games including the Centenary Games held last year which gave residents the opportunity to try new sports, compete in teams at a sporting event and interact with participants of various ages and disabilities from other organisations including a team from West Virginia.  The organisation of this event involved a lot of hard work and dedication from all involved making the day a success.

Leading By Example – Jackie Kennedy – Erskine Park Home Administrator

This is awarded to the individual who demonstrates excellent leadership skills inspiring and motivating others to improve the quality of service to the benefit of Erskine.
Jackie is exceptionally good at making visitors to the Erskine Park Home feel welcome; she is a wonderful first point of contact and interacts with all who come into contact with her.  Her work rate is second to none and she makes the difference to so many people, residents, relatives and visitors alike.


People’s Award – Sonia Serra-Juan – Housekeeper, Erskine Edinburgh Home

Is awarded to an individual who can demonstrate that they have provided or developed an exceptional activity or service which has made a significant improvement to the benefit of Erskine.

Sonia gives up her own time after her shift has finished to spend time with our residents and teach them Spanish, an exceptional activity which provides fun and learning to our residents some in their 90’s!

Volunteer – Jim Spence

This award goes to the person who consistently provides outstanding help and support through their volunteering role to the benefit of Erskine.

Jim has been volunteering within The Erskine Home in Bishopton for 15 years dedicating his time to befriend a resident in Ramsey House who has since past away.  He has continued to volunteer by coming in two days a week to McKellar House and playing bridge with the residents. A veteran himself he often participates in activities including a zip slide across the Clyde to help raise money for Erskine (£830).


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