Erskine set to hit the road thanks to new hybrid car courtesy of the Rangers Supporters Erskine Appeal

 Jim Clark, 74, from the Rangers Supporters Erskine Appeal hands over the keys to a brand-new hybrid car after raising a mammoth £23,000 for the Veterans charity.

Jim is pictured with Erskine Veteran Bobby Gordon, 96, and Bobby’s wife Siobhan, 90, at the charity’s Bishopton base. Bobby is a Royal Navy Veteran with three years’ service during WW2. In July 2018 he was awarded the Legion of Honour by the President of France, which is the highest French order of merit, both military and civil.

Jim raised the massive amount by completing the challenge of walking a marathon in three days. The Rangers season ticket holder was joined by his family and Gers legend Davy Wilson as he crossed the finish outside Ibrox last year.

The Renfrew man’s tireless fundraising efforts for Erskine have been split across three vital projects for the charity. The purchase of the new hybrid car is the first to be realised, with the remainder of the funds going towards the refurbishment of Erskine’s physiotherapy department, and the purchase of lifting aids.

Jim said: “I can’t thank everyone that donated enough. The addition of the hybrid car will bring transformative change for Veterans and staff at Erskine, and without those who sponsored this dream wouldn’t have become a reality. Charities need more support than ever, and it is great pride that I have been able to raise this money on behalf of the Rangers Supporters Erskine Appeal, as we continue to help lend our support in any way that we can.”

Erskine Chief Executive, Ian Cumming added: “Jim’s fundraising efforts are phenomenal, and we are extremely grateful to him, his family, and the Rangers Supporters Erskine Appeal for their continued support. Without the generosity of people like Jim, Erskine would be unable to provide the high-quality care and support services that our Veterans so richly deserve.”

You can support Erskine here: https://www.erskine.org.uk/support-our-work/donate/  

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