Erskine Supports Earth Day 2021 #RestoreOurEarth

The theme of Earth Day 2021 is #RestoreOurEarth

This Earth Day we thought it was a perfect time to tell you about some of the many environmental measures we have in place at Erskine with the purpose of helping protect our planet.

We have:

  • Installed solar panels on our new apartments (which are soon to open) as part of the design and to reduce carbon emissions


  • Commenced a vehicle replacement programme which will see all new vehicles purchased be either fully electric or hybrid. We currently have two hybrid cars and within the next 12 months will have a third, so our entire car fleet for staff will be hybrid by mid-2022. We are looking to replace our wheelchair converted multi-purpose vehicles to hybrid as models become available.

  • Installed water monitoring systems in areas to minimise waste and maximise efficiencies. We no longer supply plastic cups at our water dispensers to reduce plastic and encourage staff and visitors to use reusable water bottles.


  • We are progressing with a light replacement programme which will see all of our light fittings be energy efficient LED by 2025

  • When offices are not in use, we ask staff to ensure heating is turned off and we ask colour photo-copying only to be used if completely necessary


  • We offer a cycle to work scheme for staff which includes help with the purchase of a bicycle for travelling to work. Less vehicles on the road is better for the environment.


Our planet matters and it is our duty to do everything we can to protect it #EarthDay2021


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