Erskine Therapet Dog Charley receives Award

During Volunteers’ Recognition Week the Veteran’s charity Erskine has awarded a very special Long Service Award to Edinburgh volunteer Charley!  For five years Charley has captured the hearts of Veterans living in the charity’s Edinburgh Home in Gilmerton as she goes about her business of being a “Therapet”

Ably assisted

by owner Carol Mack, ten year old Charley, has been bringing joy to lives of Veterans, many of whom are living with dementia, by providing company and friendship.  Renowned for their gentle, steady and friendly temperament the Lhasa Apso Maltese Cross, is a perfect example of just what is needed to work with those requiring some quiet, gentle companionship.

Owner Carol who hails from Blackhall, Edinburgh said: “A dog’s temperament needs to be just right, you can’t afford to have an unpredictable dog when working with people who may be frail.   We work with many people who don’t communicate well but as soon as Charley is involved they start to engage and interact with her.  It is wonderful to see residents’ eyes light up when they see Charley and how much they enjoy her company”.

Carol and Charley received their awards at a Ceremony in the Morton Hall adjacent to the prestigious Mar Hall, the original Erskine Hospital.  Erskine Chief Executive Ian Cumming said: “Taking time to recognise and thank our staff and volunteers for their years of dedicated service to our Veterans is of vital importance.  Without the commitment and devotion of our staff and volunteers we would not be able to provide the high standards of care for which we are renowned.  In a year where we are recognising over 747 years of service, many shone and Charley was certainly one of the brightest and cutest stars”.

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