Erskine Veterans Swell the Ranks in the Battle of Waterloo

Veterans from Erskine’s Reid Macewen Activity Centre are preparing for battle this weekend as they take part in the biggest ever historical table top war game the Battle of Waterloo.


The event at Glasgow University in Kelvin Gallery will replay the battle which was one of the most epic and decisive in history.  Around 22,000 28mm figures will be used in the two day event with over 100 players from around the world taking part.


Veterans Stevie, Robert, Eddie and Evonne have helped in advance of the one-off event by painting a selection of tiny soldiers, horses and buildings since November last year. They are now looking forward to battle commencing!

The Veterans have been assigned roles as Senior Generals in the game.  Army Veteran, Stevie Wylie will be General Alton; Navy Veteran Robert McCreadie will play French General Nicolas-Francois Roussel d’Hurbal and Army Veteran Evonne McCord the Duke of Bruntswick.  RAF Veteran Eddie Irvine is also hoping to attend the event to take in the atmosphere.


Royal Engineers Veteran and Activities Co-ordinator at Reid Macewen Evonne McCord said: “We have put a lot of hard work into painting the figures so are really looking forward to the game.  It’s not the sort of thing you do every day!  It’s fantastic that Veterans from the Army, Navy and RAF have all been involved, working together as a team and supporting each other along the way.  Teamwork is such an important part of everything we do here at the centre in Bishopton.


“We must thank Professor Tony Pollard from Glasgow University who is in charge of the event for his support, as well as our Model Making tutor, John Hamilton, who showed us how to paint such small figures.”


RAF Veteran Eddie Irvine said: “I have always been interesting in model making and really enjoy the class at the Activity Centre so I was happy to get involved with this project. I painted when I was at the centre and also when at home working on the La Haye Sainte Farmhouse which was really intricate.  Painting the grass was definitely the worst bit.”

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