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Eligibility for admission to an Erskine Home

You are eligible to apply for admission to an Erskine Home if you have been assessed by a Social Worker as being in need of nursing care and fulfil one of the following requirements.

You served as a member of one of HM Armed Forces as a Regular or Reservist or on National Service or were:

  • A member of the Merchant Marine and were deployed on active service, in support of the armed forces
  • A member of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary
  • A member of the Home Guard

or are:

  • The spouse, widow or widower of any of the above

Applicants should note that a pre admission assessment will be carried out by a member of Erskine’s Care Staff to ensure that Erskine can meet the applicant’s care needs.

Proof of service is needed for all applications.

Appendix A: Veterans Lapel Badge

Eligibility criteria:

  • All those who have served in HM Armed Forces, including Volunteer and Regular Reserves


  • Veterans who served in Armed Forces of other Countries

Canadian Navy or Royal Australian Air Force and those who served alongside HM Armed Forces are not eligible.

Posthumous requests

The badge is a survivors badge and therefore is not issued posthumously.

The only exception is for War Widows and Widowers who are in receipt of a War Widows/Widowers Pension paid by the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency. This also includes those who have received an award of Survivors Guaranteed Income Payment (SGIP) under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. This is in recognition of the fact that their death was due to their military service.

Applying for Admission

If you want to apply for admission to Erskine you must first have a ‘Community Care Assessment’.

You should ask your Local Authority’s Social Work Department about this when you first contact them.

Care Costs

We recognise that one of the main worries facing those who need care, and their families, is the cost and how to meet the expense.

The Social Work Department of your local council will provide advice on the procedures and helpful information on possible assistance towards the cost of care and financial entitlement. You will find their number in the phone book or perhaps your doctor will be able to assist with contact numbers and details.

Application forms

For information about costs, please contact our Admissions Department or call 0141 814 4538.

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