Each year nearly 1000 Veterans call upon Erskine to provide vital care and support, to do this we must raise around £10 million every year.

Door-to-door and private site fundraising are two of the most cost effective ways to raise awareness and gather regular support from the public.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have Erskine decided to re-start door to door and private site fundraising?

The needs of our Veterans have changed over the years. The continued loyal support from regular donors helps ensure we can provide vital support to ex-Service men and women. 

Regular donations are vital, now more than ever, to maintain our high standards of care during this challenging time.

Supporters' donations are crucial as they provide an efficient and reliable source of income.

Regular donations allow Erskine to deal with present challenges and plan our ongoing care for the future.

Where will Erskine carry out door to door and private site fundraising?

Our fundraising is planned to take place across Scotland. We may also fundraise at events or in local shops. Our current campaign is planned to run from October. We always obtain permission from the relevant local authority before fundraising in a particular region. 

We will be monitoring the areas we visit and ensure our fundraisers continue to be mindful and act with sensitivity at all times. If you would like to find out if our fundraisers are working in your area please contact us on 0141 814 4616 or email fundraising@erskine.org.uk

How do I recognise an Erskine fundraiser?

Our fundraisers always wear Erskine branded clothing and identification badges and will be carrying electronic tablets and Erskine information, such as welcome packs. We work with two fundraising agencies called Appco UK and The Professional Fundraiser to carry out our campaigns. Fundraisers are provided with an authorisation letter signed by a senior member of the fundraising department at Erskine to confirm they have been employed to fundraise on our behalf in a specific area. We work closely with Appco UK and The Professional Fundraiser to ensure our representatives adhere to the fundraising regulations and Codes of Practice set out by the Institute of Fundraising.

If you have any questions or concerns about a fundraiser who you spoke to, feel free to contact us on 0141 814 4616 or by email on fundraising@erskine.org.uk and we would be happy to help. 

Are Erskine fundraisers trained?

Yes. We work closely with fundraisers before they start any of our campaigns to ensure they are trained to the high standards we expect. In the past fundraisers have been able to visit our Homes and meet with Veterans to see first-hand how their work and your generosity will be changing lives. 

Will fundraisers ever ask for cash, cheque or card donations?

No, Erskine will never ask for cash, cheque or debit/credit card donations at your door. 

The purpose of our door-to-door and private site fundraising is to raise awareness of Erskine and our care for Veterans. Fundraisers will encourage support through regular donations by Direct Debit. 

If you would like to make a donation please contact our fundraising department directly on 0141 814 4616.

Erskine will never sell or share your information

We take the collection of personal data very seriously and have measures in place to ensure that the information required to set up a Direct Debit is safe and secure. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information www.erskine.org.uk/cookie-privacy-policies/

We welcome your feedback

It’s important that you have a positive experience with our fundraisers to the high standards that we expect, whether you choose to support Erskine or not.

Your feedback is very important to us and we’re grateful to receive your thoughts so we can constantly improve our fundraising methods.

If you would like to share your thoughts please email us at fundraising@erskine.org.uk or call 0141 814 4616.