Why is Erskine using Telephone Fundraising?

Calling supporters and potential supporters is the most cost effective way to inform, raise awareness and gather regular support from the public.

Regular donations from our supporters are crucial as they provide an efficient and reliable source of income to deal with present challenges and plan our ongoing care for the future. It’s only thanks to the ongoing kindness of our supporters that we can continue to be here for ex-Service men and women when they need us most.

Who are Erskine contacting?

We will contact supporters who have given prior consent, and also those who we believe have an affinity to Erskine and our cause – this is called using 'legitimate interests'.

The telephone gives us the opportunity to listen to supporters and tell you how your donations make a difference to the lives of veterans and their families.

Who do we work with and why?

Our small Supporter Care team is unable to make all calls ourselves so we employ a professional fundraising agency to do this on our behalf.

We work with QTS, one of the UK’s leading Telephone Fundraising agencies.

QTS have been established for over 15 years. They work with over 70 national organisations and have particular expertise in the charity sector.

About our Fundraisers

All of our fundraisers have been fully trained by Erskine and the agency they are employed by.

We are proud to provide a quality experience with our fundraisers who are enthusiastic and committed to the cause.

Callers always check that you are happy to take the call. They will inform you of the regulations and reason they have contacted you. Please be aware this may be a few sentences to listen to before they can talk openly about Erskine. This is to ensure we follow the regulations required for telephone fundraising.

How can I tell it’s Erskine who called?

We are currently running a telephone campaign from the number 03330 160 4806, if you receive a call from that number it is QTS calling on our behalf.

If you miss a call from us and call back you will hear an automated message telling you Erskine rang. We will try you again at another time.

Calls can take place between 10am to 8.30pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 5.30pm on Saturdays.

How can I stop receiving calls from Erskine?

You can change how you hear from us at any time. Call 0141 814 4657 or email fundraising@erskine.org.uk, please provide the phone number we’ve tried to contact you on.

When you receive a call from Erskine, you can let the caller know you don’t want to hear from us by phone in the future

Erskine will never sell or share your information, other than with those working on our behalf.

We take the collection, storage and use of personal data very seriously, and have measures in place to ensure that the information used is safe and secure. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information www.erskine.org.uk/cookie-privacy-policies/

We welcome your feedback

It’s important that you have a positive experience with our fundraisers to the high standards that we expect, whether you choose to support Erskine or not.

Your feedback is very important to us and we’re grateful to receive your thoughts so we can constantly improve our fundraising methods.

If you would like to share your thoughts please email us at fundraising@erskine.org.uk or call 0141 814 4657.