Gift Aid your donations

Thank you for deciding to Gift Aid your donations to Erskine. Gift Aid if reclaimed by Erskine from the tax you pay for the current tax year. There is no extra cost to you. 

Your Gift Aid Declaration

If known, please enter your supporter number

Donating through Gift Aid means Erskine can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. The best bit is it’s at no extra cost to you!

If you are a UK taxpayer, all you need to do is fill out a Gift Aid Declaration. This is a statement from you to us confirming that you want to donate using Gift Aid which will allow us to receive tax back on your donation.

When making a donation via our website, it's easy to add Gift Aid by selecting the Claim Gift Aid option. An alternative way is to download the Gift Aid Declaration form and send it to us by post at The Fundraising Department, The Erskine Home, Erskine Veterans Village, Bishopton, Renfrewshire PA7 5PU) or by emailing it to


Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'Gift Aid' mean? 

Gift Aid is a scheme from HM Revenue & Customs that allows us to reclaim an extra 25% on your donations made during the past 4 years, as well as on all future donations, without costing you a penny. This means that for every £1 you donate to Erskine Veterans Charity, the charity gets an extra 25p.


Can I Gift Aid my donations?

To be eligible for Gift Aid on charity donations, you must be a UK taxpayer and pay an amount of income and/or capital gains tax - at least equal to the tax that all charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs will reclaim in the tax year of your donation. 

If you pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on your donations in the tax year, you’ll be responsible for paying any difference. 


What if I'm not eligible to Gift Aid, can I still donate?

Yes, you can still donate to Erskine without completing a Gift Aid declaration.

All donations, not matter the size are greatly appreciated and make a real difference to the lives of Veterans and their families.

If I change my mind, or circumstances change can I cancel my Gift Aid declaration?

Yes, you can cancel your declaration at any time.

If you wish to cancel the declaration, change your name or home address, or no longer pay sufficient tax on your income and/or capital gains tax, please let us know. You can either contact us on 0141 814 4616 or email 

I'm a pensioner, can I Gift Aid my donations?

You may still be paying tax on a private pension plan or a savings account, or pay capital gains tax if you sell either a property or shares. If so you  are still eligible to Gift Aid  providing you have paid enough tax during the year to cover your donations (25% of the value of your gifts).

If you’re unsure, we advise that you check with your tax office and pension provider before completing a declaration.

If you only receive the basic State Pension, then you will not pay any Income Tax and will not be able to Gift Aid your donations.

What donations are not eligible for Gift Aid?

Charities cannot claim gift aid on any donations:

  • from a non-UK taxpayer
  • from residents of the Channel Island or Isle of Man
  • made on behalf of someone else or a group of people
  • made on behalf of a company
  • to a family member or friend participating in an event where the charity is contributing to their costs
  • made in return for goods, rights, or services
  • money raised from collections (such as funeral collections)
  • money raised from a sale of goods such as in a cake sale, car wash or through the sale of raffle tickets.