Happy 100th Birthday Kitty!

Erskine resident Kitty celebrated a wonderful 100th birthday with all her family on Saturday 16th June.  Kitty knew it was a special day saying she would have to put her birthday card from the Queen in a special frame.

Catherine Cameron Louise MacLean was born in Scotstoun on 16th June 1918 as the Great War was nearing its end.  Catherine was known as Kitty from a baby after one of her brothers said Catherine was too much of a mouthful so he would call his wee sister Kitty!  Kitty was born into a family of six brothers.

In 1946 Kitty married Archie Macdonald who was in the British Army, the 6th Airborne Division.  Kitty and Archie went on to have three children, Cameron, Catherine and Gillian.  In working life Kitty was Post Mistress at Clydebank Post Office for 26 years including during the Second World War.  Kitty was very proud to pass the Civil Service exam when she was 42 years old.

Kitty retired, aged 62, moving to the hamlet of Glenfinnan.  She lived very happily at home until two years ago when aged 98, she moved into The Erskine Home in Bishopton.

When asked about becoming a centenarian, Kitty said: “You can’t stop life from growing.  Turning 100 is very special if God allows you to get there.”

Kitty’s daughter Gillian Campbell said: “As we enjoyed a family party at the weekend, her many friends in Glenfinnan also held a party to celebrate Kitty’s birthday! It was lovely for us all to get together as a family to celebrate. Mum recited a number of poems at her party including a poem by Christopher Robin.  Erskine has been a terrific place for mum and also for us as a family.”

As well as three children, Kitty has eight grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

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One response to “Happy 100th Birthday Kitty!

  1. Thank you to all the wonderful men and women of Erskine who took such great care in making my Nana (Kitty) feel so comfortable until her last moment of her 100+ years on this earth. You all are such amazing people who make such a difference in the lives of those that you care for and for the families who love them.

    Your service is profoundly appreciated by my family.

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