New Uniforms for Erskine Care Staff

Eagle-eyed visitors to any Erskine Care Home might notice a recent change with care staff uniforms undergoing a revamp!

All Erskine care staff have been given smart new uniforms, with the colour of the uniform making it easier to identify the role of the member of staff.


Managers of the individual houses within the homes, House Managers, have a navy blue uniform; Clinical Leads wear Royal blue with Registered Nurses wearing Airforce blue.  A Senior Care Assistant has a purple uniform with a Care Assistant wearing lilac.  Activities Assistants within each home now wear an aqua uniform with Speech & Language Assistants and Phyiso Therapy Assistants wearing turquoise.  White is the colour for our Physiotherapists and Speech and Language Therapists.


All care staff have also been given a new name badge with the name of the staff member being in bigger and bolder print, so it is easier for our residents and their families to read.

Erskine Director of Care, Derek Barron said: “The new uniforms have been rolled out to all care staff this month and they are already making a difference for our veterans.  As most of our residents are elderly, with many living with dementia or a visual impairment, strong bold colours are important and can help them identify who is who within the care staff and when they need assistance.  This can make a huge difference when building personal relationships with individual staff.”


Erskine residents have noticed the changes and have commented on the new uniforms.  Frank, a veteran in Erskine Edinburgh said: “I like the new badges as I can clearly see the staff names.”  Bill, also a resident of Erskine Edinburgh said: “I really like the new uniforms.  They are bright and very smart but don’t ask me to wear one!”

Tommy from The Erskine Home said: “I like the new uniforms, they’re bright and cheery, you know who does which job  – although I don’t know them all yet.”





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