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Christmas Greetings to all Readers

Christmas Greetings to all Readers­­­­

This was the title of the Royal Air Force Review December 1946.

Its content and publication, coming only a year after the Allied Victory in Europe against the Axis powers, led with this introduction…

 A Christmas Message from The Chief of the Air Staff


To all readers of the Royal Air Force Review I offer seasonal greetings and sincere good wishes.

 To those who are still in and are staying in the Service I would say this: on each one of us rests a great responsibility, a great trust; it is our job to rebuild the Royal Air Force. Not an easy job.

During a period of transition such as the present, there are many difficulties, many uncertainties. Though many have been resolved, we still need all the patience, tact, unselfishness, and determination that we can muster. But one thing is certain. The Royal Air Force, as it takes its peace-time shape in our hands, must be worthy. Worthy of the great traditions it established during the late war, worthy of the world-wide admiration and respect it then won, and worthy of those who gave their lives in its Service. May each one of us, at the end of 1947, be able to look back over the year and feel we have been worthy of our trust.

 To those who have already got, or are shortly getting, out of uniform, I would say this: though outwardly you will have left the Royal Air Force, in spirit you cannot leave it. While in the Service you may have been fortunate or unfortunate; you may have been well treated or you may have had what you feel to be a " raw deal. That is the way of all human affairs. The administrative machine may creak; at times it may have failed, but the Service, the Royal Air Force, is something far bigger than that. It is an ideal, an ideal of human service which is second to none, and I am sure it has a right to demand from all of us, whether we be in uniform or in mufti, our loyalty, and our help. To each one of you I offer my sincere good wishes for your success and happiness in civilian life, coupled with the reminder that you are still one of US.

Seventy-Seven years on, our World is a very different place. That said, our need to care for and support our Nation’s Veterans, remains as important as all those years ago.

At Erskine Veterans Charity, we care for the Veterans and families of all Armed services, including the British Army, the Royal Navy, and of course, the Royal Air Force, the subject of this historical archive.

Mrs Sylvia Morrison, whose father was a serving member of the RAF, has kindly donated this fascinating magazine, which was carefully preserved by her father over the decades. We are also grateful to Sylvia for her many hours of volunteer work with our residents in The Erskine Home Physiotherapy department. Thank you, Sylvia, and to your father for his service.

Indeed, Erskine has many residents within our Veterans Village. One such Veteran is our very own Alexander Bremner, or “Alex” to his friends and family.

RAF Veteran Alex was an electrical fitter and during his service he worked on three special types of aircraft - V Bombers to be exact. During the 1950s and 1960s, V Bombers comprised the United Kingdom's strategic nuclear strike force - known officially as the V Force or Bomber Command Main Force.

Alex said:” There was a lot of work done on these planes as they had had more powerful engines, bigger wings, an improved electrical system and electronic countermeasures (ECM); many were modified to accept the Nuclear stand-off missile Blue Steel.”

Now decades on Alex has now made Erskine his home:

“It is like a hotel and my family is delighted as they know I am safe, cared for and happy here. I really enjoy the activities and going to the football matches of my favourite team. Even the food is good!”

And Alex is in good company. Wing Commander Ian Cumming, Erskine Chief Executive said:

"As a proud Veteran of the RAF, I always felt immense pride in serving our Nation. Being part of the Erskine family, where we extend that commitment to care for Veterans from the British Army, The Royal Navy, and The Royal Air Force, is a profound privilege. It's level of care we provide is a testament to the unity and shared responsibility we hold in safeguarding those who dedicated their lives to protecting our freedom and security in an ever-changing world."

Join us in making a meaningful impact this Christmas and beyond into 2024, by supporting Erskine Veterans Charity. Our appeal resonates with the spirit of giving, caring for those who have selflessly served in the British Army, The Royal Navy, and The Royal Air Force.

As we celebrate the Christmas season – as they did in this RAF Review issue of 1946- consider visiting to contribute to our cause . Your donation ensures that Veterans like Alexander receive the care they deserve in a warm and supportive environment. Let's come together to make this holiday season brighter for those who have dedicated their lives to our Nation."

To donate, please visit Thank you from everyone at Erskine.

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