Fundraise at Home

Raise funds for Erskine without leaving the comfort of your home!

Looking to raise funds at home and want a bit of inspiration? There are lots of ways you can fundraise without even stepping out of your front door.

  • Order a Home Money Box or Coin Card to save up your spare change
  • Invite friends round for a coffee morning or bake sale and play some fundraising games
  • Have a sponsored camp out in your garden
  •  Hold a garden party and add a theme
  • Hold a onesie party
  • Before you start your fundraising contact us to arrange a tour of our homes and see exactly how your fundraising will make a difference.

Take as many pictures as you can and we can put them on our social media to say thank you!

Look how others have supported us at home

Very well done to Duncan and Rihannon. Duncan raised £280 for Erskine at this year’s Glasgow Men’s 10k and his Granddaughter Rihannon collected £4.74 in her home money box!!  Thank you so much for caring for the Erskine veterans, it is greatly appreciated.

Duncan and Rihannon 10k pic

Want to get involved from home?

Contact your local fundraiser who can provide you with help and ideas.