What safety measures have been put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic?

All fundraisers will be trained in COVID-19 health and safety measures and social distancing. Fundraisers will maintain a 2m distance from members of the public and each other. We won’t fundraise in areas where a 2m distance can’t be maintained or fundraisers have to go inside, e.g. flats or apartments. Only one fundraiser will approach a door at any time. All fundraisers will wear face coverings and will use hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes. Contactless sign up forms are now available. Supporters can scan a QR code or receive an SMS with a link to enter direct debit details and confirm signup. Where this is not possible, or a supporter does not wish to use the contactless sign up option, a tablet will be provided – it will be disinfected before and after every use. Fundraisers will only leave behind leaflets if a member of the public requests this. Fundraisers will ask if members of the public are happy to proceed with the conversation and will respect those who do not want to take part. If a fundraiser believes or discovers that a member of the public is vulnerable, self-isolating or uncomfortable holding the conversation, the fundraiser will politely move on.

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