Administration Staff

Every day is different. I have a very good Manager. I enjoy coming in to work, the plus is the “enjoy” word. The “banter” with Staff and Residents can be very funny and surreal at times. I feel as if I have travelled full circle as my Mum used to deliver books on behalf of the Paisley Homebound Library to the original Hospital.

Sitting at Reception I am the first point of contact for residents, and their families, and I enjoy the interaction very much. My job is different everyday – I deal with the Administration for the whole home so it is very varied, and it includes answering telephones, record keeping, liaising with staff, meeting and greeting families, helping veterans and generally being part of the Erskine Park team.

I started my employment in Erskine as an Administration Assistant in the Communications department and after a year I was offered the chance to train for the position of Communications Assistant. I accepted the offer and now all these years later I am still here. It’s a busy job working with all directorates and departments in Erskine to ensure communication flows throughout the organisation We work to four simple but very effective values and we work to a high standard - our motivation is to do the best for our veterans.