Care staff

I believe that we can all make a difference in the lives of others and that is why I work with Erskine: all it takes is the smallest gesture to make the most significant difference.

Being a Carer in Erskine instils a lot of pride. When you think of the tremendous sacrifices our Residents have made, it is an honour and a pleasure to be able to give them something very important back.

I started in Erskine as a Care Assistant and through time, and by taking advantage of the regular training available, I have been able to progress to the position of a Senior Carer. I am enjoying the extra responsibility and addressing the new challenges the position brings. Working in the area of dementia, although sometimes challenging, gives me immense job satisfaction. By doing my job and doing it well I can make my residents life easier and more comfortable - that’s what it is all about.

Erskine; knowing that we all work together to change peoples' lives for the better is a wonderful thing.'

Erskine is simply the most nurturing and rewarding place of care I have worked in. The standard of care and commitment offered by the Erskine family, as our staff are known, is beyond compare. Nothing is too much bother and we care for our veterans and their families as a package. Challenges are met head on and we are proactive in seeking newer and better ways in which to care for our residents. The job satisfaction I get from the job is immeasurable and I can honestly say I would never wish to work anywhere else.

I have worked at Erskine for over 2 years and recently was promoted to Clinical Lead in Erskine Park. My position enables me to develop close relationships with residents and their families and to promote the best possible care for our residents. I find it rewarding working with a team whose ultimate goal is to put a smile on the residents face and make them feel happy and secure.

I enjoy the challenges each day brings and working alongside my team to improve our resident’s care and environment. I love working with the residents, who all have had such interesting and varied lives and also meeting all the different people – families, friend, visitors and volunteers associated with Erskine. It is good to see how happy and well cared for all our residents are and I find little things like a smile and a thank you so rewarding.

I have been an activity assistant for 6 ½ years and a carer on the bank for the last few months.
What I enjoy most about my job is enabling our residents to continue enjoying life and interests that they had outside the home. To try out new interests and to encourage participation from friends and family. I am aware that each resident has different abilities and capabilities. Activities are catered to their varying individual needs. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing our residents participating, laughing and achieving their end result.