As an ex REME veteran, I am delighted to have joined Erskine as I think it is an excellent charity and I am looking forward to helping the team look after our residents.

As Domestic Manager at Erskine Home I am responsible for housekeeping and laundry staff who keep high standards for residents, families and visitors . What I like about my job is the challenges that come with it.

I have worked for Erskine for 13 years and get satisfaction from knowing that the small part that I play within the organisation goes a long way to
help meet the individual needs of the residents.

The best part of my job is dealing with many different people within the organisation making sure orders are fulfilled. It is very busy with never a moment to spare.

I have always worked in a caring environment. Previously I worked for the NHS doing housekeeping in a children’s’ ward so now I have come to the other end of the spectrum, working in the care of the elderly. I love communicating with our residents – their banter and stories keep me going. In my previous job I worked alone but here in Erskine I am part of a team which makes a big difference to the working day. I can honestly say I get a lot of job satisfaction which at the end of the day can’t be bad.