Albert Lamond, D-day Veteran

Erskine have provided me with a level of care that is second to none and given me the opportunity to make friends and met people who have shared similar experiences. They truly support our Veterans, regardless of age and background, and I would encourage anyone to support them if they can.

Bill McDowall, Scots Guards

We heard all the explosions as the Sir Gallahad and the Sir Tristian got bombed. It became apparent that our mates were still on the ship. Some of the sites coming off the boats were horrific.

Esther Richards, Iraq Veteran

I can’t thank Erskine enough for giving me a home when I need it most. Not only a home but help and support too.

Steve Wylie, Royal Engineers

I did a 6 month tour of duty in Northern Ireland and I saw a few things there that still affect me to this day.

Billy Haynes, Northern Ireland Veteran

 I'm now enjoying being here in Erskine being cared for by such a dedicated team of people.