Other ways to support us

There are many ways you can help us everyday – from putting our collecting cans in your premises to recycling your old mobile

Collecting Can

Every penny donated makes a difference to the lives of our veterans

Erskine is always on the lookout for opportunities to display one or more of our collecting cans.  We have cans in a wide range of premises throughout Scotland, including solicitors, newsagents, bakeries, restaurants, cafes and bars.

We are grateful to employers, staff and customers for filling these cans and making a difference to the lives of our residents.

Support Erskine by placing a can on your premises.  Contact the fundraising team on 0141 814 4555 or email fundraising@erskine.org.uk


Fundraise through Celebrations

Whatever your special occasion, whether it is reaching a landmark birthday or wedding or civil partnership anniversary, you can fundraise while celebrating with Erskine.

If you are celebrating and would like your guests to make a donation to charity in lieu of presents we can support you by providing materials such as balloons, collection tins and gift aid forms for the day itself.  We can also provide suggested wordings for invitations, place cards or thank you cards.

You can also:

  • Set up a personalized Everyday Hero page (www.everydayhero.com)  with the details of your celebration and ask friends and family to donate directly to us through this in your name
  • Put a collection box or bucket on display

Looking to get involved?

Contact us for fundraising help or find a nearby event.